The Centenary

In 2002, the Association celebrated what was thought to be its centenary – we now know it should have been 2 years earlier. To mark the occasion, a special publication was compiled by Eddie Billett, a Management Committee member at the time. The content of his book could not possibly collect all the material that has been created in the 100 years of the GDSFA history, nor was it meant to.

The book was an attempt to capture some of the history of the GDSFA. Moreover it was an opportunity for the Clubs to capture as far as possible some of their own history in the publication. Obviously over the century there has been a mix of various suburban community clubs and business houses that have unfortunately come and gone and it was impossible to capture the histories of these defunct clubs but the book does capture the spirit of the Association and shares some wonderful memories.

Click here to view/download and enjoy Eddie Billet’s book.