Community FC

Community FC aims to provide an avenue for integration, social cohesion and harmony using football as a vehicle for social change and to ensure that those that are inactive due to their lack of access to grassroots football are provided with the same opportunity as others.

Community FC Youth ‘Future Champions’ Program

This program is specific to participants aged 12-18, male or female. Participants within this program will go through training sessions each week covering components such as:

+ First Touch

+ 1 v 1

+ Striking the Ball (passing)

+ Running with the Ball

Community FC Senior ‘Just Play’ Program

This senior program for participants aged 18-30 provides small-sided playing opportunities to targeted groups. Weekly training sessions involve variations of small-sided matches which will allow participants the opportunity to connect with fellow peers and form new social networks.

Community FC Female ‘Girls United’ Program

This female only program is specific to targeted disadvantaged groups who are aged between 12-17 and 18-30. Much like the Community FC Youth Program, the program run for the younger female participants (aged 12-17) will involve weekly training sessions focusing on individual and team skill development as well as small-sided game play. The older age group (18-30) will be involved in weekly sessions in the form of small-sided-games, much like the Community FC Senior Program. These participants will play inter-group matches each week with a variation in match formats.

Contact Board member Gab Dracopoulos for more information.