The Pathway for Girls and Women

The Association has two distinct competitions, a mixed competitions for (mostly) boys and a separate girls only competition. Often young girls play in the mixed teams competition, especially where some clubs don’t have all girls teams but by around the ages of 12, the physical differences become obvious and few girls play in older mixed competition. To be clear, girls cannot be excluded from the mixed competition purely based on gender but rather on the players’ suitability by strength, stamina, and physique. To exclude a girl from a mixed team competition based on gender alone risks a complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Board and Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

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As the girls’ competition is still growing in numbers, in 2016 we initiated a collaboration with theBlacktown & Districts Soccer Football Association to enter all our girls and ladies teams into a joint competition which is played on Friday nights for the Over 30’s ladies and Sundays. This has proven to be such a big success that in 2017, the competition was branded the name the Phoenix League. Our girls have performed well in the Phoenix League and we encourage all our member Clubs to works towards building girls and ladies soccer football within their respective communities.