Kick Off

Kick-Off program is a ALDI MiniRoos format of play for kids wanting to try football.

It a fun, safe introductory program designed for new players aged between 4 and 9 and is usually a weekly 45 minute session that build skills through games and simple drills delivered in an engaging and inclusive environment.

The program has been developed in line with the game-sense philosophy of sport participation. This approach to sport delivery emphasises a move away from traditional coach dominated sessions to those that are player-centered, and use game-like situations rather than technical drills. This type of environment teaches the fundamentals of a sport in a fun, engaging, and inclusive environment that focuses on enjoyment rather than results. It should be no surprise to parents

that the more fun their child has, the more likely they are to continue playing. This is the overarching tenet that guides ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off.

Speak to your local GDSFA club about a Kick-Off program or contact the GDSFA office.